Swarm mode

Docker Swarm log collection

Docker swarm services log collection using Logspout
Posted 2018-01-27

There are many solutions for performing log collection or log management. Personally I’ve got experience with using the ELK stack. So this post will focus on ELK with Logspout for log collection.

How to upgrade a Docker Swarm Mode cluster

Upgrade the Docker engine on a a Docker Swarm mode cluster without downtime
Posted 2017-11-20

Here’s how to upgrade Docker in a Swarm mode cluster without cluster down time.

Project: Terraform Swarm mode cluster

Using Terraform to provision a swarm cluster on DigitalOcean
Posted 2017-10-06

I recently started playing around with Terraform. Since I often manually spin up a couple of droplets on DigitalOcean to set up a Swarm mode cluster to try out some projects or set ups, I figured I should put all of that into code as my first Terraform project. I created a Terraform module for provisioning a basic Swarm mode cluster during this project. Ideal for labs or development clusters.