Using Packer for faster provisioning

Speeding up the provisioning process by installing things ahead of time
Posted 2018-04-08

I have various Terraform modules for many purposes and often they end up using CentOS with a Docker install script. While demoing something to a co-worker, we had to wait ~7 minutes for a Terraform apply it to finish with an install script. This should be a lot faster, so I sat down this sunday and looked into Packer.

Project: Terraform Swarm mode cluster

Using Terraform to provision a swarm cluster on DigitalOcean
Posted 2017-10-06

I recently started playing around with Terraform. Since I often manually spin up a couple of droplets on DigitalOcean to set up a Swarm mode cluster to try out some projects or set ups, I figured I should put all of that into code as my first Terraform project. I created a Terraform module for provisioning a basic Swarm mode cluster during this project. Ideal for labs or development clusters.