We are ContainerInfra

We are a Dutch IT Company that provides Managed Services and IT Solutions for our customers, focussed around Private / Hybrid Cloud and Kubernetes.

We have a software engineering background and bring the Software Development mindset into the world of Software Hosting. This means we have a nack for moving fast, with reliable results, due to our full understanding of the entire software stack. This shows in our platform and services we bring to our customers.

We have experience in the managed hosting and custom software development markets, having developed Kubernetes Distributions, hosted hundrerds of Kubernetes platforms in public and private cloud platforms.

Why we Exist

In an ever growing digital world where developments speed-up every year and software grows rapidly, it has become a challenge to keep-up with the latest technology. Keeping all components up-to date, staying current with compliance and regulations is slowing you down. This introduces significant risks for your business and customers.

ContainerInfra specializes in keeping your digital environments secure and up-to-date. We are experts at Kubernetes, Containers and Cloud.

Our founders have years of experience in the Cloud Native Eco-systeem, having developed Kubernetes Distributions, Platforms and managed hundreds of Kubernetes environments for customers.

ContainerInfra B.V.

  • CoC: 94077924
  • VAT: NL866627881B01
  • Meander 251, 6825 MC Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • +31 85 060 9443

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