Distributed storage on Kubernetes using Rook

Solving state using rook

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Thomas Kooi

The past few months I’ve heavily invested into learning Kubernetes. So far, I’ve loved every part of it. At work I am constraint at the environments we run our systems in. We’re not able to move to the public cloud for various reasons, and do not have any persistent storage available through an API that can be easily mounted and controlled using a storage plugin / driver. So I started browsing around.

Turns out, I missed something completely awesome at KubeCon EU in Copenhagen. Rook is one of the many exciting projects I encountered in the past few months since I started my Kubernetes journey. It offers an amazingly easy way to configure distributed persistent storage (currently Ceph) for your Kubernetes cluster.

So far I’ve only installed it on a bunch of test clusters and very soon I will start rolling it out on a couple longer living clusters, including the one powering this site. Once I do, I will probably end up writing a bit more about it and the set up we are running.

If you haven’t yet, do check out Rook and give it a spin and watch this project intro talk from KubeCon EU 2018 @ Copenhagen:

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